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2010 update – BEB Gives Back

Thanks to all members of BEB for making it possible for BEB to be so generous.  We are a great group!  A special thanks to Barb Kurtz for keeping us all “financially sound” and within our financial capacities and to David Powers for his “presidential guidance”.  You are both to be commended.  Thank you

Drew Stark

Dave Bolon

Rose Copp

BEB Realtor’s Association

Charitable Donations 2010


Broadleigh School                                $1,500.00                    01/13/10


Flowers & Ribbons for Seniors     150.00                     03/15/10


Harmony Project                                      150.00                     04/01/10


CBR for Blood Drive                                 25.00                      04/01/10


Homeless Families                                    251.00                     04/15/10


CORPAC                                               500.00                      04/16/10


Homeless Families                                   117.00                      05/06/10


Homeless Families                                   134.00                      05/18/10


Homeless Families                                   333.00                      06/10/10


Homeless Families                                    150.00                     07/01/10


CBR Celebrity Waiters                 151.00                     08/26/10


Junior League of Columbus                       100.00                     10/25/10


Homeless Families                                2,500.00                      12/09/10


Broadleigh School                                  530.50                       12/1519



Total:                                                    $6,591.50


Total to Homeless Families                   $3,485.00

From Michael Jones- President
Friday 2/27/2009
The Bexley Eastmoor Berwick (BEB) Realty Association has benevolently contributed $1,452.00 collectively to the Homeless Families Foundation & the Mid-Ohio Food Bank with matching funds made available through the Columbus Foundation.
Continued support for worthwhile organizations that impact our area are our primary focus.  We also make funds available to those that demonstrate an immediate need or hardship.  We gladly give in the spirit that we are our brothers (and sisters) keeper.


Bexley Eastmoor Berwick Realtors Care about the communities we serve

Bexley Eastmoor Berwick Realtors Care about the communities we serve

According to Barb Kurtz, Treasurer of the Bexley Eastmoor Berwick Realtor’s Association, the total dollar amount given to the communities we serve in 2008 was $7,540.00.

Aside from helping specific families on occasion, some of the organizations the BEB Realtor’s Association aided with their charitable giving campaign last year were:

Broadleigh Elementary School

Columbus Board of Realtors Blood Drive for American Red Cross

DARN – Charitable Donations In Support for local families

Berwick Civic Association – National Night Out

Bexley Historical Association

Columbus Board of Realtors – Gold Sponsor for Affiliates Recognition Luncheon

Mid-Ohio Food Bank

Bexley Middle School PTO for help paying for class trips

Central Community Housegift for seniors

Homeless Families Foundation


In addition, many Realtors and affiliates participate in and give to their own favorite charity, both local and National.  Many members participated in Realtor Care Day in 2008 and in various Habitat for Humanity projects around Greater Columbus.


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