Bexley Eastmoor Berwick Realtors Association 2016 Leadership


Sheila Straub 2016 President of the BEB

A new year means a newly elected slate of officers. This year Sheila Straub will be the president, Forrest Neuswanger will be the vice president, Marisa Webb will remain the secretary, Chris Orndorff will remain the treasurer and Pam Allen will remain the tour director.

A big thank you goes out to Angela Niermeyer who lead the organization through a tremendous year in 2015. The organization is looking forward to continuing to make 43209 THE place to buy and sell your home and we invite all real estate agents across Central Ohio who do any business in our geographic area to join our membership.

We continue to meet every Thursday at 9:00 AM sharp at theRusty Bucket on Main Street.


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